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Diane Mastrull: Milk & Honey stretches West Philadelphia roots to Center City

Posted in Press on November 13th

Mauro Daigle leaned forward in his chair, his face set in a no-nonsense expression, as he disclosed the highly sophisticated reasoning behind his and wife Annie Baum-Stein’s decision to launch a business in their West Philadelphia neighborhood, where commercial enterprise wasn’t exactly thriving.

“Smoked salmon,” he said.

And bagels, Baum-Stein added. “You literally couldn’t get bagels and smoked salmon” without getting in the car and driving to another part of the city, she said, deeming that “absolutely unacceptable.”

All over New York, it’s a meal achievable with a short walk, the Bronx native explained. She and Daigle were determined to make it so in their University City neighborhood.