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Sweet Success

Posted in Press on September 27th

By the middle of June, Michelle Niedermeier’s oldest son started smelling the honey. Selected as one of seven beehive hosts in the city, the family’s West Philadelphia backyard was a contributor to Milk & Honey Market’s unique summer project.

Partnering with Two Gander Farm (Lancaster County), the West Philly market harvested honey from urban beehives throughout Philadelphia. The “Summer in the City Honey” program produced sweet stuff bottled from neighborhoods around town and also offered an unusual opportunity for locals to become urban apiarists.

“We would sit by the hives every day and watch the bees fly in and out,” says Neidermeier. In May, the hive, which housed thousands of honeybees, was relocated from Lancaster County to the family’s yard. The bees worked tirelessly to produce honey until July, when it was harvested and they were taken back to their country home.